Luminex MAGPIX Controls

This compact multiplexing unit performs up to 50 different tests in a single reaction volume and reads a 96-well plate in just 60 minutes. MAGPIX® features self-cleaning routines and magnetic bead compatibility (with MagPlex beads), making the instrument easy to learn and easy to use.

Experience the power of MAGPIX and perform up to 50 tests in a single reaction volume.

The MAGPIX System features an innovative design based on imaging technology that allows for a more compact, robust system. It’s also easy to operate and maintain with streamlined start-up and shutdown protocols and easy-to-perform preventative maintenance. MAGPIX is supported by a broad menu of commercially available assay kits, as well as reagents to build your own assays.

Key MAGPIX features:

  • Multiplexing: Up to 50 analytes per sample
  • Sensitivity: Approximately 106 copies of DNA or single-digit picogram levels of protein
  • Dynamic Range (Typical): ≥3.5 logs
  • Read Time: 96-well plate in ≤60 min (up to 4,800 tests/hour)
  • Daily Start-Up/Shut-Down: ≤15 min
  • Footprint: 3 ft linear bench space

Let MAGPIX empower your work with:

  • Affordability: Benefit from an affordable multiplexing solution that costs up to 4X less than comparable ELISA assays.*
  • Versatility: Transition to multiplexing at your own pace and exponentially grow your data.
  • Flexibility: Achieve a wider array of goals with the ability to analyze both proteins and nucleic acids.
  • Compact Size: Reduce clutter with a compact instrument requiring minimal linear bench space.
  • Efficiency: Measure up to 50 targets in a single reaction volume and dramatically reduce sample input.
  • Assay Support: Leverage a broad array of commercially available kits as well as reagents for user-developed assays.

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